Why invest in Malta?

Malta is one of the countries with the highest growth estimates in Europe. The island is safe, with an excellent health and education system. The average low fees, especially if compared to the european ones. Investing in a home in Malta guarantees a stable and secure return.

How much does it cost to buy a house in Malta?

There can be only one answer: it depends. From what? Malta offers all kinds of real estate investments: from one bedroom to villas. Our team of experts will know how to follow you in the best way of choosing your home to buy in Malta.

How much are the costs for the notary?

Notary fees in Malta are calculated ad hoc, situation by situation. The Mediterranean Group LTD team will be at your side during all phases of buying and selling to support and advise you.

There are annual taxes on properties in Malta?

NO!  Don’t exist a tax system on propertty in Malta, no taxes if you have one or onehunder properties! Don’t exist the concept  of property tax, or municipal tax or tax to collect/manage rubbish.

How are taxes paid in Malta?

Taxes in Malta are of two types: for individuals and for legal entities, the first one is due only the person live in Malta, the second one, if the shareholders are not maltese resident, must pay a 5% flat tax on the income. Tax rates in Malta are the best in Europe, especially for who make business. Contact us to learn more.

Do I have to make a tax return in Malta?

Certainly. For the companies there is the annual return, business consultat of our group cxan follow you at the best, his experience started 30 years ago following maltese and european companies.

How can I receive my pension in Malta?

Malta offers very profitable conditions for pensioners who want to move to Malta. Once submitted the due documentation, which we will help you fill out, you can receive your pension in Malta every month.

What is the average cost of living in Malta?

The cost of living in Malta is similar than in Italy.

How to find a job in Malta?

Malta is an attractive country due to the increasing number of companies that are opening offices on the island or transferring their headquarters there. We will also be able to advise you on finding a job.

Do you need special documents to travel and travel in Malta?

No special documents, except those of identity that we all know. Passport or Identity Card are normally recognized in Malta, since the island is part of the Schengen territories.

How can I start a business in Malta?

The island can offer a big possibility at the start up company in various sectors, first of all FLAT TAX 5% on the income of the company if shareholders are european and not residents in Malta. Call us and talk to us .

Whic are the connections to Malta?

Malta is daily connected at the most important hub in Europe, and in some cases with 2 daily flights.

How does health work in Malta?

Malta has a cutting-edge healthcare system, one of the best in Europe. Who is a European citizen will be entitled to the same benefits guaranteed in Italy.

Will I have a general practitioner?

Of course, you will be entitled to a general practitioner just like in Italy.

Are medical services free?

The free services are guaranteed to the same extent as they are in Italy.

Are there products that cannot be imported into Malta?

Malta is part of the Schengen countries and therefore the free movement of goods is guaranteed. However, there are customs restrictions.

Are there Italian schools in Malta?

Currently there are no Italian schools in Malta. Maltese schools follow the British school system. There are both public and private schools.

What currency is used in Malta?

The euro has been used in Malta since 2008.

What language is spoken in Malta?

In Malta, English, Maltese and Italian are spoken. In our team we have people that can speak German.