What rights will you maintain in Malta?

The European elections are at the door and the opportunity seems to us the right one to tell you what are the rights you can maintain once you have moved to Malta . Once registered with AIRE (or the registry of Italians residing abroad), you will understand that all your fundamental rights will be fully respected even if you live in Malta.

What is guaranteed to an Italian citizen residing in Malta?

– Health : in Malta you can be treated in the same way as in Italy . You will be able to take advantage of public facilities as well as private ones if you wish. Are you using exempt drugs? Nothing will change in Malta: your doctor will be able to give you the recipe for the same active ingredient, in case the exactly identical medicine is not available on the island.

– Vote : once you have registered with the Aire, you can vote as an Italian living abroad . What does it mean? It means that you will receive, in advance of the vote in Italy, a postcard relating to the elections in progress at that time. You will vote by sending the card with your choice by mail. As an Italian resident abroad, you can vote for political and European elections.

– Retirement credit : Have you decided to spend your silver years in Malta? You made a great choice.
Be aware that INPS can also credit your pension to a foreign account . We will be happy to explain how to do and assist you in your transfer.

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