History of our real estate operations on the island of Malta.

Our real estate experience on the island of Malta was born in 2010. From then to today, we have been able to live different experiences in the real estate market,
from basic to more complex ones. To date, our real estate operations are widely diversified between:

  • Purchase of new apartments to make short-let (tourist) and long-let (residential) leasing. Therefore we had the opportunity to verify in recent years the concreteness and certainty not only
    of the income received but also of the semplicity of contractual management and the optimization of guest management.
  • Purchase of apartments to renovate and consequent tourist or residential leasing. In this situation we have also transformed three bedroom apartments into four bedroom apartments, creating more services dedicated to each room. Apartments that, following the tourist requests on our island of Malta, we rented both as whole
    units and in rooms, thus also experiencing the management in b&b mode.
  • Purchase of apartments to renovate for subsequent resale. In this specific case, by looking for real estate properties in dated apartment blocks, we have given back
    importance to the environments, thus creating innovative spaces. Attention has always been focused on attention to detail and services.
  • Purchase of apartments to be completed for subsequent resale. In this case, the purchase of unfinished apartments, finished with extreme care, giving absolute
    priority to the service needs for both residential and tourist customers.
  • Purchase and resale during the project (underconstruction) of real estate units in projects in certain areas of the island of Malta. These operations have allowed us to
    obtain a real estate capital gain only in the period that divides the acquisition of the property on Promise of Sale upon delivery of the keys in the final deed.
  • Construction of entire buildings, consisting of apartments of various types: one bedroom, two bedroom, three bedroom and penthouses. Projects made from the
    ashes of old demolished structures.
  • Raising from areas of penthouse, which according to the updates of the master plan, have put us in a position to be able to build new real estate units by building the
    area for the new permitted levels. The old penthouses were then transformed into apartments for all the available floor plan. Above them, the new floors and the
    new penthouse were built as the last real estate unit of the block.

Born as simple international investors, developed into an international real estate organization on the island of Malta.

GO EXCHANGE 8D PROJECT - OPERATION IN PROGRESS OPERATIONAL DESCRIPTIONAcquisition of a three bedroom apartment in a block called Go Exchange located in St. Paul's Bay, Malta.The real estate unit was purchased with the aim of obtaining an important income from tourist rentals by transforming the current apartment into...