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Mediterranean Group LTD offers the possibility of AFFILIATION with its Maltese real estate system to those who wish to increase their real estate business with an offer from a foreign country but part of the European Community.

Maltese economic growth, dictated by the flourishing government policies aimed at attracting entrepreneurs and investors from almost all over the world, is bringing great economic, financial, social, tourist and therefore real estate development. Two other important aspects that make up the island of Malta are worth mentioning: safety and health are now second in Europe and in continuous technological evolution.

The AFFILIATION system provides:

A first complete training that will be organized in your office.

A trip planned in Malta to get to know the Group and its professionals who will assist your customers on site, feel the scent of the Maltese economy and its real estate market, thus discovering this wonderful island of a thousand opportunities.

Inclusion on the site and linked social pages of your office as EXCLUSIVE reference for your city and province.

Informative advertising material dedicated specifically for your office.

Daily advertising targeted on social media to create contacts.

Daily advertising targeted at Google to generate new contacts.

Direct assistance in Italy for information of any kind.

Assistance and management in Malta for all your clients.

Full freedom to manage commissions.

Furthermore, upon request, we can organize information events in your office for a group of your new clients.

Contact us for more information and make an appointment.